THE INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT SCHOOL in partnership with Euromoney Learning

Panthera Solutions is delighted to present their latest offering in partnership with Euromoney Learning:


taking place in London
from July 5th-6th 2022

The Investment Management School is the most intense 2-day training for designing a behaviorally optimized investment process.

It is no secret that capital markets have become increasingly complex to assess. Investment management has now turned into uncertainty management requiring an enterprising mindset to analyse markets better than others. As we also endeavour to move towards net zero portfolio management, current industry standards of slow adaptability and defensive decision-making will no longer survive. A behaviorally optimized investment process is the way to go.


After attending this 2-day Investment Management School you will learn how to:
Configure an optimal environment for investment professionals to make the most rational investment decisions.
Build a committee that produces the most evidence-based market assessments.
Measure and interpret cognitive diversity among investment professionals.
Use causality assessment tools to increase the SDG impact of your investments.


This course is designed for investment professionals of various profiles, such as portfolio managers, risk managers, analysts and private bankers that rely on rational decisions to succeed. It is ideal for participants with a knowledge of the fundamentals of asset allocation theory, behavioral finance and artificial intelligence-based methods in investment management.


Not sure if the Investment Management School is for you?
Why not try the free 15mins assessment on ‘’Risk & Uncertainty Management’’ to get an idea of how you will benefit from this 2-day package. (Use link below)

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Given the quality, proven track record and recognition within the industry of Euromoney Learning, we are honoured to partner with them once again on this latest training offering. Reserve your place for the IMS now:

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