Slide PANTHERA SOLUTIONS Transforming Investment Professionals Into Competitive Decision Makers LEARN MORE BOOK A DEMO As a leading behavioural design company, we act as transformation partner for professional investors worldwide.

We design an environment for Investment Athletes which converts individual excellence into well reasoned investment decisions of high quality.

This environment is achieved through the optimal integration of Human and Artificial Intelligence to an effective decision support system, applying cutting-edge design principles for individuals, teams and investment processes. Effective transformation management is the result.

Our solution is built around a unique tool, the DECISION GPS SaaS. Investment Athletes practice and manage their investment decisions at one place. The first of its kind.

Investors need a new mindset to succeed.

By treating investors like athletes we surround them with a dynamic framework, enabling them to perform at their best. The mindset that emerges from this is a necessity for mastering market complexity with an edge. With this solid foundation of individual excellence in place, we are able to align the team and process design leading to complete transformation management.

Inspiring. Smart. Effective.

How do you become an Investment Athlete?

Panthera’s different entry points.

Panthera Elite

Ideal for individuals looking for personal transformation, ROI and high performance coaching for investment professionals. Sign up to one of our Panthera Elite – Individual openings and begin your Investment Athlete journey.

Panthera Elite

Effective transformation management of investment processes. Aligning team and process design to keep Investment Athletes focused on striving for excellence.

Public Training Offerings

Find all our public upskilling offerings at different price points and sign up to join the Investment Athlete Club today.

Smart Decision GPS

Decision management platform merging AI with behavioral science

Investment Athlete Principle

Understanding The Investment Athlete Principle – Why is an athlete mindset essential today?

Investment Athlete Masterclass

Free, introductory online event, developed exclusively for investment professionals looking to optimize their performance.

Clients and Partners

Panthera coaches Investment Athletes in a variety of disciplines

Our unique taxonomy of investment management skills enables us to know what you need to know



Portfolio / Fund Manager
Fund-of-Fund Manager



Equity Analyst
Investment Analyst
Risk Manager
Data Analyst
Knowledge Engineer



Private Banker
Financial Advisor / Planner
Wealth Manager

What makes us different?

Our solution is unique.

Unique Onboarding Process

Our essential onboarding sequence leads to designing customised transformation strategies for individuals, teams and investment processes.

Carefully Crafted Coaching Card

A gateway to success. The Coaching Card concludes purpose and roadmap of an Investment Athlete. Anchored by his/her appealing future self, we establish a virtuous circle between skill and decision management, using quantitative and behavioural KPIs to measure progress.

Effective Integration of Team and Investment Process Design

We align team and investment process design to keep Investment Athletes focused on striving for excellence. This leads to cognitively diverse high-performance teams, facilitating cooperation, while utilizing the Athlete Mindset.

Effective Integration of Human Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence and Sustainable Investing Principles

Making money to make a difference. Our solution tailors the integration of what can be best performed by humans and the machine, while satisfying the profit and impact motives of investment objectives.

Awards. Accreditation. Signatory.

Panthera is a promise.

A promise that striving for excellence pays off.

This sounds like a no-brainer, but it is not. Certainly not in our industry, nor in general. And this is what makes the journey of Panthera so very necessary, experimental and deeply rewarding.

Mag. Dr. Markus Schuller, MBA, MScFE
Founder & Managing Partner

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