Slide PANTHERA SOLUTIONS Panthera transforms investment professionals into competitive decision makers. LEARN MORE BOOK A DEMO We are a behavioural design company and our solutions are targeted directly for asset managers/owners.
Through our two SaaS platforms (Skill Management and Smart Decision Management) we have created a radical new approach to rational investment decision-making & uncertainty management. We understand the influence and importance of balancing Human with Artificial Intelligence. An environment that incorporates both, while allowing investors to fulfil their potential individually, as well as part of a team is crucial for market success.



“Markus and the Panthera Solutions team have been at the leading edge of the behavioral revolution in finance for years now. This honor from The European is both fitting recognition of the seminal role they’ve played in building out the behavioral frontier as well as a testament to the quality and applicability of their scholarship.”

Paul McCaffrey / Editor-in-Chief
Headquarter / New York / USA


“Panthera is creating a fascinating space for us all to inhabit through the melding of academic rigour, industry knowledge and human insight. Applied behavioural finance is an exciting field and we look forward to mutually exploring ways to use it to enhance our client’s investment processes and governance. Congratulations!”

Grant Metcalfe-Smith / Head of Client Solutions Group
Headquarter / London / UK


“Panthera is clearly at the forefront of investment company governance and decision making traceability. Due to their strong academic and hands-on knowledge of behavioral finance, we found their inputs as extremely valuable in redesigning our investment decision processes.”

Ricardo Seixas / CEO & CIO
Headquarter / Madrid / Spain


“Working with Panthera Solutions over the last eight months has been a great experience for us. Mr. Schuller is able to combine an understanding of markets in a rational, scientific way, while always being highly praxis-oriented by aiming for the best archivable results. To me, Panthera’s objective of supporting and educating investors in taking evidence-based decisions is not only helpful but increasingly crucial, given the competitive and challenging market situation we are currently experiencing.”

Werner Schleritzko / CIO
Headquarter / Vienna / Austria


“Congratulations on the success of Panthera Solutions! We are proud to work with them for two years. With the partnership of Panthera Solutions, we are bringing top-level education to capital markets in Hungary, with courses that can be attractive throughout the region.”

Gergely Fabian / CEO
Headquarter / Budapest / Hungary