Euromoney Learning, the largest financial training provider in EMEA, is integrating Panthera Solutions’ skill management offerings in their global training calendar.

We are happy to announce our new partnership with Euromoney Learning. Our expertise in integrating human intelligence and artificial intelligence in an ethical and sustainable way marks a unique value proposition for investment professionals around the world. Euromoney Learning and Panthera Solutions share values and principles on how upskilling should be performed in our industry. We are honoured to complement the offering of such an esteemed partner.

The first public offering of this joint effort is the Euromoney-branded “Investment Athlete Bootcamp” from October 25-28 in London.

As a global provider of training across all areas of finance and leadership development, Euromoney Learning works with a team of 130 world-class experts to deliver practical, personal, and ROI-driven learning experiences. With substantial experience designing and developing completely customised, blended learning programmes for all levels of seniority, from Boardroom to front line, they have worked with 95% of the world’s top corporate and investment banks to deliver state-of-the-art training to more than 60,000 professionals in the last 5 years in more than 80 countries around the world.


The Investment Athlete Bootcamp (IAB) is the most intense 4-day training in designing a behaviorally optimized investment process. Participants will work on configuring an optimal environment to take the most rational investment decisions.

We are living in an age of hyper-complexity & hyper-competition. Learning to master the mindset while integrating AI in an ethical and sustainable way, is key for meeting investment objectives today. In short, investment professionals need to optimise all influencing factors to their advantage, just like professional athletes do.

The bootcamp reviews in detail the latest developments and best practices on how to integrate human and artificial intelligence. Participants will work on how to enhance their own development path and their work environment to facilitate rational investment decisions. Participants will also learn how to design investment teams and the investment process to support their rational decision making.

After attending this bootcamp you will know how to:

  • Design your personal development path as an investment professional
  • Build optimally configured and incentivized investment teams
  • Create a work environment that supports rational decision making
  • Align investment philosophy, principles, and strategy
  • Embed latest asset allocation methods in an optimal decision design

This programme is designed for investment professionals of various profiles, like portfolio managers, risk managers, analysts and private bankers that rely on rational decisions to succeed.

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