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Master rational decision-making with cutting edge software
The Panthera Tree is an AI-driven software that allows investors to continually make the most rational investment decisions, under any market conditions.

What makes the Tree unique? Its ability to prepare investors for Black Swan phenomena. AI is an effective tool for amassing large amounts of data, but investors still need to make judicious decisions about that data. When dealing with market complexity, the only certainty is within the decision process itself and the resolve in which it is applied. And that is where the Tree comes in.

As it guides investors to reason their cases through a causal sequence of evidence, the whole spectrum of the decision process is smartly choreographed, allowing for preventive bias control. A revelation.

And most importantly for an investor, it measurably delivers on behavioral and market alpha.

Tree features

Create, test & monitor investment hypotheses

Latest uncertainty & risk management tools

Decision tree with AI guidance

Accountability of investment teams

Regulatory & quality standard compliance

Agnostic to asset classes, investment strategies and geographic focus

Learning management & compliance features

Subscription based & easy onboarding

Narrative reporting & team management features

Cloud-based SaaS with highest security standards

Overlay technology compatible with existing IT infrastructure

MiFID 2 & Solvency II compliance

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How it works

The Panthera Tree is a behavior-tech solution that facilitates most evidence-based investment decisions. It provides a thought structure for your decisions to source and evaluate the most relevant evidence when testing your investment hypothesis.

Agnostic to asset classes, investment strategies and geographic focus, it guides decision makers through the full value chain of an investment process, connecting front, middle and back office in a lean and compliant way.

The AI-supported guidance debiases a variety of behavioral biases preventively, maximizes explainabilty and helps Investment Athletes to focus on continuously producing most evidence-based investment decisions.