Panthera Tree Explained

The Panthera Tree is a Behavior-Tech solution that facilitates most evidence-based investment decisions. It provides unique and effective decision support for asset managers and owners.

With this innovative SaaS tool you have the chance to lower costs, increase compliance and improve your investment decision quality. Fully customizable to your investment process thus enabling you to optimally utilize your current IT and data infrastructure.

Check out what the Panthera Tree can do for you.


Our continuous efforts to improve the investment decision quality of professional investors has led to the integration of new features for the Panthera Tree:
Investment hypothesis validation / even after the diligent analysis of a security, the found evidence for risk and return drivers often remains difficult to conclude. This feature allows to carefully evaluate your analyses whether they support or weaken your initial investment hypothesis.
Customized labelling to group factors / In order to manage the number of factors analyzed, freely customizable labels can group the factors to keep the overview.
Customized due diligence replication of user investment process / users can now fully replicate their own due diligence process on the Panthera Tree. Stay compliant with internal and regulatory requirements while being smartly guided to exploit market opportunities.



We have listened carefully and further improved the user interface and user experience of the Panthera Tree.

  • Improved responsiveness
  • Optimized look and feel
  • Easier navigation
  • Keep the feedback flowing.



Panthera Solutions Sarl is more than a company. It is a think tank. A laboratory. A solutions provider. An agent to facilitate directed change through a sophisticated intervention framework, based on training, coaching, consulting and Behavior-Tech elements.

Panthera Solutions embodies the idea that market complexities can be mastered most effectively with empowered market participants that are supported by aligned teams and a robust choice architecture. This combination aligned through action transforms professional investment management into a crafted, skillful art.