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Master rational decision-making with cutting edge software
The Panthera Tree is an AI-driven software that allows investors to continually make the most rational investment decisions, under any market conditions.

Welcome to the future of Investment Management and enhanced decision-making.

The Panthera Tree is a revolutionary software tool designed to empower you with unparalleled insights into your decision-making processes. Harnessing accessible data and groundbreaking techniques, the Tree offers a unique thought structure, while embedding preventive bias controls to ensure your financial choices are rooted in sound judgment.

Tree features

Create, test & monitor investment hypotheses

Latest uncertainty & risk management tools

Decision tree with AI guidance

Accountability of investment teams

Regulatory & quality standard compliance

Agnostic to asset classes, investment strategies and geographic focus

Learning management & compliance features

Subscription based & easy onboarding

Narrative reporting & team management features

Cloud-based SaaS with highest security standards

Overlay technology compatible with existing IT infrastructure

MiFID 2 & Solvency II compliance

How it works

Leveraging Accessible Data and Techniques
At Panthera Solutions we believe that informed decisions are the cornerstone of successful investing. Our software allows investors to analyse macro events, perform fund due diligence, asses portfolio risks and crucially, sift through vast amounts of accessible data that often elude traditional analysis. However, it extends beyond mere data – it’s all about interpretation. The Tree uses state-of-the-art methods drawn from the realm of behavioral science, to link information in a way that that is easily digestible, and thus simplifies the process of decision-making and monitoring.

A Unique Thought Structure for Rational Decision Making
What sets The Tree apart is its novel approach to decision making. Traditional finance tools focus on numbers and graphs often overlooking the human element. We recognise that emotions and biases can heavily influence financial choices. The Tree’s unique thought structure guides you through your decision-making process step by step. Firstly by identifying your financial goals/factors, then assessing potential risks, and finally evaluating/monitoring your investment hypothesis. By adhering to this sequence, investors are able to avoid traditional bias traps that ultimately lead to suboptimal decisions.

Embedding Preventive Bias Behavioral Control
Understanding biases is one thing, but controlling them is a complete game-changer. The Tree allows you to embed ”preventive bias behavioral controls” into your investment strategy. Our software prompts you to critically evaluate your decisions, flagging instances where biases might be creeping in. With this awareness, you’re equipped to make more balanced and rational decisions, minimising the impact of emotional impulses on your financial portfolio.

Are you ready to revolutionize your investing journey?

Embrace the power of rational decision-making with the Panthera Tree. Leverage accessible data and techniques, adopt a unique thought structure for improved decision making, and embed preventive bias controls into your strategy. Start making decisions that align with your financial goals, guided by insights that bridge the gap between human intelligence, AI and market trends. Unlock your potential with the Panthera Tree today!