Panthera Solutions Sarl has proudly been approved as PRI Signatory

We have good news to share.
Panthera Solutions Sarl has proudly been approved as PRI Signatory. The renowned PRI, a UN-associated organization, is the global pacemaker for SDG investing initiatives. Panthera Solutions Sarl is the first signatory in the Principality of Monaco.


The final PRI report on the fiduciary duty of the 21st century expects from professional investors exactly what Panthera Solutions is known for: facilitating most evidence-based investment solutions that empower decision makers to causally comprehend whether a portfolio decision achieves the intended impact. With that in mind, we work with clients on how to turn SDG compliance (i.e. EU taxonomy or the disclosure regulation 2019/2088) into a comparative advantage as a professional investor. One example. Our masterclasses on “SDG Strategy” and “SDG Operations” enable investment professionals to tidy out and reset their investment value chain in order to become more competitive and SDG compliant at once in a practical way. Deutsche Börse is cooperating with us on distributing these innovative formats in the German speaking countries.


In order to redirect capital deployment towards achieving the SDGs by 2030, the world is running short on time. Central banks, regulators and some early adopting institutional investors are fully aware of that knowing-doing gap. The PRI bundles those voices and advocates in favor of understanding impactful SDG investing as a source of comparative advantages. This is where our SDG-related interventions make a difference. They focus on empowering investment professionals to exploit SDG-related opportunities in their innovative specialization.


Panthera Solutions Sarl is more than a company. It is a think tank. A laboratory. A solutions provider. An agent to facilitate directed change through a sophisticated intervention framework, based on training, coaching, consulting and Behavior-Tech elements.

Panthera Solutions embodies the idea that market complexities can be mastered most effectively with empowered market participants that are supported by aligned teams and a robust choice architecture. This combination aligned through action transforms professional investment management into a crafted, skillful art.