Don’t miss out on our Joint Training Offer with the Euronext Academy taking place this June! Together we have partnered on 3 of our most popular and relevant topics starting with:

Shrinking Big Data

June 1st 2022 16h00-19h00 CET | virtual | Dr. Gregory Gadzinski
This 3-hour training offering introduces Big data tools and outlines how to use them in order to handle Big data sets.
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Net-Zero Portfolio Management

13-15th June 2022 | onsite in Milan | Dr. Markus Schuller
This course is an intensive 3-day training in configuring a tailored roadmap towards turning portfolios into net-zero carbon emissions. Participants will be introduced to best practices on configuration and management techniques, which are applied to their own cases and tested through a competition based-simulation at the end.
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Storytelling in Investment Management

14th June 2022 16h00-19h00 | virtual | Dr. Matthias Strolz
This unique training sprint shows investors how they are able to build a narrative by connecting pieces of evidence to an investment hypothesis. And by doing so brings a refreshingly new perspective on advancing the quality of an investment hypothesis.
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These training offerings are designed for investment professionals of various profiles, such as portfolio managers, risk managers, analysts and private bankers that rely on rational decisions to succeed. It is ideal for participants with a knowledge of the fundamentals of asset allocation theory, behavioral finance and artificial intelligence-based methods in investment management.