Jonas Englund Complements Panthera Team

We are pleased to announce that Jonas Englund is joining the Panthera Solutions team as Green Finance Specialist.

Jonas is a Sustainability Finance expert with over 25 years of experience across Investment Banking, Trading & Capital Markets and Treasury. He led the introduction of Green Bonds to North American institutional capital markets in 2011 when establishing SEB’s US Fixed Income Operations. SEB, together with the World Bank, innovated the fixed income markets with the issuance of the first Green Bond in 2008, and is recognized as a market pioneer in this space. During his tenure with SEB, Mr. Englund was at the forefront, leading the introduction.

Prior to that Mr. Englund worked for Credit Suisse First Boston’s (CSFB) central treasury in London responsible for managing a multi-billion Dollar loan portfolio. More recently, Jonas co-founded GreenBond Advisors LLC and its affiliated companies and partnerships to accelerate the growth of green bond supply, enable green project financing and facilitate transition to a low-carbon economy.

Jonas is a frequent keynote speaker and panel member on Sustainability and Green Bonds, along with being an Advisory Board Member at Nasdaq Sustainable Bond Network (NSBN), a member of Columbia University Sustainable Finance Seminar and a guest lecturer at the University of Michigan on Green Bonds and other Sustainable Funding structures.

At Panthera, Jonas joins a team of pioneering specialists in their respective fields where he will support clients in how to competitively and impactfully redeploy capital towards Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Jonas Englund:

“After being introduced to the work of Kahneman and Tversky many years ago, I developed a keen interest and fascination with the impact of behavioral considerations on investment decisions.

The bridge to green finance is easy to find. There is no short-cut in upskilling investors, as SDG opportunities are more difficult to exploit than a simple negative or positive screening of ESG factors suggest. That change in mindset is in line with what PRI, CFA Institute, regulators and central banks are expecting from professional investors in the years to come.

I am happy to join the Panthera team, standing for cutting-edge, sustainable und highly professional solutions to effectively empower professional investors.”

Mag. Dr. Markus Schuller, MBA, MScFE:

“I am truly delighted about welcoming Jonas on board. We are looking forward to having his innovative sustainability mindset enhancing our team as we move into 2021. Jonas´ teaching commitments at prestigious universities also manifest his caring eye as an educator.

How to redeploy capital towards achieving SDGs is one of the most relevant topics of our times. We need to innovatively specialize investment decision makers in their abilities to exploit SDG-triggered market opportunities.

Jonas joining us reiterates our commitment as PRI Signatory to significantly contribute to this reskilling need in professional investment management.”