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This free 1hr session, exploring the ”Investment Athlete Principle’’ is open to any investment professional looking to optimise their performance levels. Run virtually, this jam-packed hour of information takes place in just one week on March 20th, 13h00CET and investors can expect immediate actionable outcomes.

Panthera’s Masterclass program has been developed exclusively for professional investors and organisations, with the aim of helping their members achieve excellence in their investment methodologies. As an investment professional, what are the best practices that you can expect from this Masterclass?

  • Learn about the Investment Athlete Principle in overview
  • How to apply the investment athlete principle to your day to day work?
  • Top 3 tips for making more rational decisions under pressure
  • Ecosystem of an Investment Athlete
  • Strength/Weakness of Human Intelligence
  • Strength/Weakness of Artificial Intelligence
  • Practically Integrating Human & Artificial Intelligence
  • Interactive Q&A